Internalizing Thankfulness

Good morning everyone,

The past week I have been working a job through the Regional Transit Service (RTS) in Rochester, NY. Just a little background, within Rochester the routes changed as well as the implementation of On Demand service. My role has been to help those who are confused and struggling with the change to safely and efficiently reach their destination. 

I live about 30 minutes south of the direct city, have my own car, and have never had to worry about using public transportation to reach my destination. My point being, I think we take for granted the opportunity to have our own car and be able to live where we want. The people I have met have been, for the most part, genuinely extremely nice. I do have a lot of downtime between buses which has allowed me to have conversations with so many different people. The other day I met two people who were working 6pm to 6am shifts at Lidestri. Not only are they working all night but they rely on public transportation, meaning, they arrive at the bus stop around 4:30 to catch a 5 pm bus. In the morning, they are stuck waiting till around 8 am to get catch a bus that returns to the city. Working at night, they have to return home and sleep before starting all over again. Their daytime isn't filled with sunshine and light, or busy streets and populated stores. Instead, their daytime consist of the moon, stars, empty roads, closed stores, a sense of nothing. Yet, when they show up at that bus stop, they aren't unfriendly, rude, or unhappy. We have conversations, we talk about whatever their is to talk about before that 5 pm bus arrives. I've learned it truly is a mindset and how you approach your life. In fact, I think they perfectly follow the message we are trying to convey at Strive to Thrive. They aren't making millions of dollars at this job, in fact, I'm sure it's difficult to live off the salary they are making, but they still show up with a smile. I hope these two men are eventually offered a new opportunity because these are the people that our society depends on. We don't even realize the lives that others live until we stop isolating ourselves with those that are similar and instead immerse ourselves into other lifestyles. 

My point in this story, no matter when you wake up, or when your "morning" occurs, put a smile on your face because I can promise you someone has it worse than you. Focus on yourself, your attitude and how you project on others lives. Walk up to a stranger and say hello, ask them about their day, hold the door. Do something for someone else because you will never know the life they are living whether that be easy or hard. 

Strive to Thrive and have a wonderful weekend!


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