The Founding Story


I am the founder of Strive to Thrive and here is how we have fulfilled our dream but Strive for even more in the years to come. 

Over the past few years, I have struggled with mental health even though my family supports me, I attend a great school, have great friends and as it would seem, everything is perfect. In reality those smiles, laughs, adventures, were all a mask to hide and pretend as if my feelings were invalid. I felt worthless, unwanted, meaningless and much more. Motivations to be productive, hangout with people, or anything I would normally participate in were lacking. It was not every day but as I progressed it seemed to be more frequently. On the weekends, I would drink and have fun, until all coming down to a crash into a depressive state and simply one of danger. My grades did not suffer, I participated in what I could but in general, life was not enjoyable to me. Long story short, one weekend ended much worse than the previous ones and I found myself in the hospital due to a mental health crisis. I returned home for the remainder of the semester to be surrounded by my family and pets. I am in the process of receiving treatment, as in consistent counseling, and learning with ways to deal with my struggles. It has been a long journey, it has been one that I can guarantee I will never forget the date of that hospital visit. That day forever changed my trajectory and perspective on life. I can only hope that will be the darkest point of my entire life, but I can say, no one should ever experience that. No one should be pushed to the brink of collapse because they are uncomfortable asking for help. Please, ask for help because life is so worth living and there is so much to live for. I am here not to ask for sympathy, not for attention, but truly to help. I want Strive to Thrive to have a meaning and purpose. I want people to wake up, look at that logo, and tell themselves that today, no matter what, will be better than yesterday. It does not matter to me if you make a purchase or not but if you need someone to talk to, send us an email and I will personally respond to it. This community starts today and no matter what I am committed to building this into something special. Today's the day we change the world and eliminate the mental health stigma. Join the community, shout us out, let your friends know, lets do this together! 


Ultimately, the goal of this foundation will be to eventually create a nonprofit solely dedicated to mental health research and awareness. There are not nearly enough trained or well compensated individuals to aid with the amount of people who are looking for help. Let's change the system and create something that can truly change someone's life. With that in mind, we need a community behind us to grow and support! Join us today and be the change that this modern world is eagerly begging for.


The Founder

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