You Have Choices

I cannot believe we have already hit June! With that I recently started an internship for the summer. It has been a rough start to say the least. I went in looking forward to it but realized that it is not exactly how it was originally explained to me. The learning opportunity that I thought was there turns out is no where to be seen. Granted, looking a little deeper into it, if I had read some reviews on the internship it would have mostly told me exactly what I am experiencing right now. I have never been one to quit or give up because somethings challenging or I am not succeeding at it. I will say though, I think this will be my first and last week here. 

If there is one thing I have learned over the past year, whether that was through COVID, my own mental health issues, or just experiences, it is that you have choices. The more you sit there and continue to do something you hate, the greater impact that it is going to have on your own mental health. Just because you got into something, does not mean you cannot get out of it. I walked in here, opportunistic, and now I am realizing that the values of this company are completely different than how I want to live my life. AND THAT IS OKAY! You do not have to have the same values as everyone, or the same beliefs. But what you do need to do, is respect your own values. You do not have to compromise them just because you are working in a nationwide company. LEAVE, go find somewhere that has those same values. Somewhere that when you get up in the morning you know you are going to make a difference and you will 100% believe in it. You are not stuck, you have opportunities, go figure something else out. Go enjoy your life. Take a pay cut if that means you get to stick to your values because in the end, people know us for what we provided to society, not our annual income. 

My point is, be bold, find something that makes you happy and excited to do and fucking go do it. 

Now, re-evaluate where you are right now, if you are happy then that is awesome but if you are not, then do something about it. Whether you stay or quit that job, the suns going to rise the next day. The sun does not care if you are happy in life or not, you need to determine that for yourself. 

Have a great day everyone, and make sure you are doing something that you believe in!

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